Introduction to Python

Here is python introduction

What is Python?

  • Python is the one of the most popular general-purpose programming languages.

  • It is a multi-paradigm programming language.

  • Applications include -but not limited to- web development, software development, data analysis, automated tasks…

  • It has a magnificent ecosystem of libraries and frameworks.

How to interact with python

  • Python is essentially a command-line interpreter in its core.

1- Python Interpreter

2- Running a Python Script from the Terminal

  • Python scripts have the extension .py

3- Using a development environment

  • Some of them are PyCharm, VSCode, RStudio and so on.

  • Usually Shift + Enter or Ctrl + Enter to send the command to shell

4- Jupyter Notebook

  • Browser environment for writing and running interactive Python code.

  • You can combine text and code cells to create a notebook.

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Shift + Enter Send the cell to the kernel for execution
Ctrl + Enter Run the cell and advance to the next cell
Enter Edit the cell
Esc Stop Editing the cell
H Help
M Cell to Markdown (text)
Y Cell to code


Hello World!

  • To print things in the console, one should use print() function.
  • Let’s go ahead and print Hello World:
print("Hello World!")
Hello World!